" The Princess Naku™ series is about a young African princess who loves to travel! After hearing stories about regions in Africa from her grandfather, her heart longed for adventure. One day, a beautiful stranger helped make this dream come true! 

Follow Princess Naku™ on her discovery of Africa - the birthplace of humanity! "

About the author - 

Weruche Uzoka George was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

She says: “I began creating make-believe worlds as a child. I created one scenario once where I flew high up in the sky, with my entire house on my back. For as long as I can remember, I've held a dream to bring my loved ones to safety and imagined everyone protected from harm as I flew! It became a favorite pastime of mine to imagine worlds where children would travel to distant lands and explore, so I decided to create a book series that young children can relate to."

She has an MA from Columbia University in the city of New York and an MS from Quinnipiac University.

She lives in Hamden, Conn. with her son Guy, her daughter Rae, and her three Jack Tzu puppies - Suevo, Taiga, and Jupiter.